How Fast Is Your Internet with VPN?

Have you ever wondered if a VPN affects Internet connection speeds? It’s such a popular topic – in fact, many users argue VPNs either slow down Internet speeds or speed them up.

Actually, there is no such an answer to say yes or no to this question. Cause there are a lot of things you need to consider when thinking about VPN speed – and we’ll discuss all of them in this guide.

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When the first login to SoftVPN, you will be able to choose IP location which you will have limited minutes if you are using freemium. We have experienced the best conditions for your speed on the Internet.

1.Distance to a server

The location is one of the essential features if you wish to have a fast-speed connection on VPN. The physical distance difference between you and the VPN server you connect tends to have a huge influence on what kind of VPN speed you will get. For example, if you are in Romania and you wish to connect to the server which is in China. As the physical difference is very long, it takes data packets longer to travel between you and the VPN server. In summary, we recommend you to choose near geographically located VPN servers instead of further ones.

2.The Type of Encryption

This part basically a comparison of protocols in terms of which protocols you can have more anonymously and safety fast Internet connection. Well, there are several protocols which a VPN can use however being safe and anonymous is the most important feature for VPNs. Thus, we as SoftVPN, provide IKEv2 protocol which provides users with the ultimate speed and data protection.

3.Firewall Interferences

Firewalls don’t normally impact VPN speed but they can get in the way if they are configured to interfere with VPN traffic or your CPU performance.

As we’re on this topic, we should also consider that the power of your CPU can influence your VPN speed. If you have a particularly old model/device, your VPN speed might take a hit because the CPU has a harder time working on the encryption/decryption process.

4.Internet speed offered by ISP

Internet speed always depends on your ISP. Of course, we are mentioning that there are more influences however, the most important thing is what your ISP provides you. Cause, ISPs sometimes throttle bandwidth on purpose. You can experience this, for instance, when you want to stream or download videos, you won’t be able to as fast as you could. In this case, VPN comes as a hero to save your life by routing your Internet traffic through a VPN which you can bypass the speed limitations imposed by your ISP.

5.Your Network Setup

It is also important which kinds of Internet are you using. Is it a public network or private ones? Is there anyone other than you in LAN? And, do you use a router with a LAN cable? According to some online articles, there’s a chance you may get better VPN connection speeds if you use a router with a LAN cable and connect directly to it instead of using WiFi.


You can test your the Internet speed and consider the difference between SoftVPN and without SoftVPN. The speed can be varied as we discussed and depends on your location. However, we have experienced for you in our headquarters! The data you can have a look below thanks to

Speed Test Result without VPN

Soft VPN SpeedTest

This the result of our Internet speed in Bucharest, Romania without VPN. We have 1 Gbps however this test took place when 10 devices connected to the Wi-Fi which is expected to have 263 Mbps.

Speed Test Result with other VPN Companies

Other VPN SpeedTest

We’ll start out by testing what VPN speeds we’ll get when we use various VPN companies to connect to the web. We got the best result above when we chose the United States as a location.

Speed Test Result with SoftVPN

VPN SpeedTest

However, when the Word comes to SoftVPN, as it is seen that things are pretty okay. SoftVPN shows its fast speed which is a good quality for us. In conclusion, we got only approx. 14% of efficiency from various VPN companies although, we proudly have 35% of efficiency from SoftVPN. Efficiency number we tested is not quite average because our LAN had 10 users at the same time. However, this result may be effective for business companies.

Before finishing the articles, we want to add that you can see different numbers on your end. Besides that, please notice that not all VPN speed test tools have an option to choose a different server on their end like SpeedTest.Net does. Last but not least, the results you get sometimes can be heavily influenced by the server used by the speed test you’re using. We invite you to try and experience the difference and allegiance of SoftVPN!