What Will Cyber Security Look Like In 2019?

Cybersecurity and privacy were tough topics in 2018. We’ve seen essential problems about data breaches which affect millions of people and then new malware attacks hitting even more victims. That’s why governments have changed their laws to watch their citizens’ everyday lives. After a traumatic year, what is the news for 2019?

1. A new record is waiting for personal data loss

More than one billion people’s data was compromised last year. Hackers got a huge database of leaked information from multiple Facebook data breaches to Marriott and Quora and surely, the information with no hesitation will be used in 2019. If you don’t want to become a victim of identity theft, it’s time to take control of your accounts. Start protecting yourself from 17 common bad habits online.

2. Higher data security standards

The world is looking at GDPRac which comes into effect. It’s unclear whether other non-European countries will follow suit and implement similar data regulation rules like the EU will follow. However, the doubts in people’s minds are taking place. Now, customers are aware of what’s being done with their data in the EU, and they expect the same standards elsewhere. This example rotates all eyes to the US for this year – everyone is hoping that California’s Consumer Privacy Act will spread beyond the state’s borders.

3. Use of encrypted communications will face new challenges

Australia recently passed the Assistance and Access (A&A) bill, also known as the anti-encryption law. According to the Australian government, this new law will be a good guide to catch cyber criminals and will only be used when needed by law enforcement agencies. Although, this law may require companies which use end-to-end encryption to change their code and create backdoors in their software and Apps. It can be predicted that global companies such as Facebook and Google have opposed the law. According to some arguments, Australia might become an example of ‘14-eyes’ countries with strict totalitarian regimes.

4. Customer’s trust will be a trend for tech companies

Almost all well-known companies couldn’t protect their customers’ data from cyber-attacks even though they invested a lot of money for the best security practices. Nobody believes this term, the best, anymore. Therefore, corporations will have to learn from their mistakes, make significant changes, and rebuild their customers’ trust in 2019.

5. Cloud security will become a bigger issue

More and more people move their important and sensitive data to the cloud, protecting it will be a matter of life or death. Hackers have already found vulnerabilities of security and ways to break into celebrities’ accounts. New security methods should be applied to the cloud as well otherwise it would be for sure too late for most people.

Last thoughts

Over 30,000,000+ accounts breached on Facebook in 2018 and the number for British Airways is 380,000. The numbers are showing that we aren’t actually protected. To get this protection, Prasad Chalasani, Chief Scientist, MediaMath, says that “As privacy concerns grow, there will be an increasing interest in privacy-preserving machine-learning techniques that are able to train accurate models without compromising privacy”. Therefore, there should be new security protocols for these big companies in order to protect their users and its information.