Governments Have Been Tracking People!

I guess you’ve probably heard that governments have eyes on everyone who is online. You accept to share your data when you even just access a website. Consequently, being anonymous and private online is getting more and more important and here you’ll figure out how spying is progressing and what you can do to protect yourself.





1.What is present for intruders?

In 2007, The NSA (National Security Agency) story about how the government is spying on us is indeed disturbing. What’s interesting about this story is that it’s not exactly new information. The National Security Agency (NSA) collects hundreds of millions of emails, texts and phone calls every day and has the ability to collect and sift through billions more.  WIRED just reported NSA is building an immense new data center which will intercept, analyze and store even more electronic communications from satellites and cables across the nation and the world.  Though NSA is not supposed to focus on US citizens, it does. PRIVATE WiFi has been publishing stories about this stuff for years: how the government is asking for backdoor access to popular websites, how they are creating huge databases that store all the emails we send, and how data brokers hijack your information and sell it to the highest bidder, just to name a couple of our most popular articles.

Besides, you may recognize Facebook used to sell its users’ information which reported by CBC News on Dec.5, 2018. Facebook gave some companies preferential access to user’s data without getting permission which is according to excerpts from emails released Wednesday by the U.K. Parliament. The social media giant and its founder Mark Zuckerberg also mulled ways to charge outside companies for user data, the email excerpts show.

What scenarios are going on, aren’t they? So, should we really trust we have the private Internet?

2.How can I get protection from 3rd eyes?

The good news is that it’s not really that difficult to stop the government’s ability to spy on you online.  Don’t mind but data brokers and cyberthieves have been doing of avoiding the governments’ interest because it’s not like the governments are using some kind of advanced technology to do it.

 Let’s be honest, there is such a good rule of thumb to assume that everything you do online can be viewed by others. Thus, it’s not the best idea to let your Facebook friends know that you will be on vacation for two weeks and leaving your home unoccupied, or log into your online bank account while using an unsecured WiFi network at the airport.

Besides, having one of the hardest password (made of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) and changing it frequently will provide protection for your accounts because your security always depends on as good as your weakest passwords.

Most importantly, you can start using Soft VPN which is developed in terms of advanced technology that secures and privatizes your data and info across the Internet by building an “encrypted tunnel”. Soft VPN encrypts your data passes through this tunnel where nobody can see your activities. Soft VPN like PRIVATE WiFi encrypts everything: your email, your web browsing history, your IMs, your VOIP, everything. Another benefit of using the Soft VPN is that even if your data is intercepted, your identity is protected since Soft VPN masks your IP address. Click here to get Soft VPN for your device!

Last Thoughts

As can be seen, they are people who are interested in you when you are online. Governments and organizations look after your Internet traffic without getting permission -which is another discussion topic, some argue- from you. However, avoiding been tracked is not space science. All you need to have is just Soft VPN which will encrypt your Internet traffic and avoid 3rd parties like governments, snoopers, etc. Get your free VPN now!