How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Do you want to know how to get followers on Instagram in 2019? Real ones?

Wanna get higher engagement and attract droves of users over to your profile?

You just need to check this out in order how to get more followers on Instagram in 2019.

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Has your Instagram growth stalled? If you’re regularly posting great content yet your follower count continues to stay the same, these are the top 15 hacks to help you achieve results faster than you ever thought possible.


Reach out to Instagram users who have built a following in your niche or industry to talk about how you can cross-promote each other.

If you want this to work effectively, you’ll need to find users who have a similar size audience, as well as a similar or complimentary target market.

Here are some ways you can use this strategy:

-Arrange a “takeover”, where you each take over the other person’s account for a day

-Share each other’s posts

-Co-host a contest

-Tag each other in your posts

-Remember, your goal for this particular strategy is to build your audience. Make sure you offer your the best content to attract as many target followers as possible.


I bet you know how important hashtags are in your marketing. But in short, using hashtags on Instagram will allow people outside of your current pool of followers to find you and follow you.

Don’t bother reading the super long posts about how to use hashtags. There are three main strategies to use when it comes to how to get followers on Instagram:

Use popular hashtags that you know your target audience is using. This will help you gain much more targeted followers (and is a strategy I recommend if you want highly targeted followers!)

Use very popular hashtags that get searched for frequently (e.g. #love, #photooftheday, etc.)

Use hashtags that are designed for getting likes and followers (e.g. #like4like, #follower #follow4follow). Use this strategy sparingly, as the quality of these followers probably won’t be the best.

Lastly, you also can repost popular posts and write your comments to get more engagement. Story Plus+ can be easy to use for reposting. You just need to download it, type the user's name who you want to repost from, choose the post you want to repost and click 'repost' button. That's it! 


Notice how I didn’t say 30?

There are a lot of opinions out there on the optimal number of hashtags to use.

Advice ranges from 2 per post all the way up to 30 per post. But the most recent research seems to indicate that 8 hashtags per post are the sweet spot for attracting likes. And that can ultimately lead to greater reach and followers.

If you don’t 100% believe that I’d suggest starting off by using as many hashtags as you are comfortable with, and then testing out more to see what works best for you.

TOP TIP: Make a list of your hashtags (create around 3-5 different sets to work with) on your phone. This way you don’t have to “remember” them when you go to your post on Instagram. It’s as simple as copying and pasting them into your Instagram post.


A great way to persuade your website visitors to follow you on Instagram is by embedding Instagram posts onto your website or blog.

This allows your visitors to see your post and interact with it right on your page. And by clicking the Instagram logo on the post, they’ll be taken to Instagram where they can check out your other content...and potentially follow you.

NOTE: If your Instagram post is set to private, embedding won’t work for you. If you want to share your posts on your website, be sure to set those posts to “public” first.

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Research suggests that posting once or twice a day is optimal for reach, likes, and shares - and that means followers as well.

I want you to remember that this is based on averages. That means some accounts will do best when they post 10+ times a day, while others will get the best results posting 2-3 times per month!

Here’s a simple experiment you can do to see what works best for you:

Start by posting once a day

Track how much engagement you get for each post

Also, track your corresponding follower growth

Gradually move up and try different posting frequencies (only go as high as you’re comfortable with!)

Your aim is to choose a frequency that gives you the biggest growth, that’s also sustainable and enjoyable for you.


The simplest and best way for how to get more followers on Instagram is to like other people’s photos. Now, the key to using this strategy successfully is to like photos of people who are in your target market. Instead of just like a bunch of completely random stranger’s photos.


Instagram contests are a great way to increase your exposure and reach, especially as your followers tag their friends and let them know about it.

And actually, research done by Tailwind found that accounts that use Instagram contests grow their followers an average of 70% faster than those who don’t.

Here are some strategies you can use to make the most of your contests:

Require entrants to follow your account in order to enter

Ask for user-submitted photos as part of the contest (and ask them to use a branded hashtag)

Require entrants to like your contest post

Of course, be sure to follow Instagram’s official contest rules so you can make sure your contest has the best chance of getting results.

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When it comes to how to get followers on Instagram, we forget the simple strategies, such as…

Letting your current fans, followers and email subscribers know you’re actually on Instagram!

You can add an Instagram badge or Follow button to your website, and ask your subscribers and fans to follow you on Instagram.

Share popular and interesting posts with your email list, social media fans and blog readers, and ask for their input, feedback or thoughts.

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Liking other people’s photos is great. But leaving thoughtful comments is even better. As you interact with people’s content, they’ll be more inclined to interact with you and to want to know more about you.

Don’t leave comments asking people to follow you. Instead, leave a comment that says what you like about their photo. This will make your comment stand out from all the cookie cutter remarks and generic likes.

Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman, recommends taking this strategy a step further, by making sure your commenting is strategic.

Find 10-20 people who have a similar audience as you and make a habit of leaving well-thought-out comments on their most recent posts. If you are the most recent commenter on these posts, people are more likely to see your comments and are more inclined to click through to your account. But only if your comment is actually interesting, entertaining or unique.


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of quote graphics.

They’re quick and easy to create, plus they can have a big impact on your audience. You can use them to educate, inspire, motivate, entertain, and they’re FAB for getting likes, shares, and follows.

Not feeling the Instagram quotes strategy?

Foundr Magazine decided to post image quotes on Instagram every single day. They were trying to reach entrepreneurs, so they posted quotes they knew entrepreneurs would relate to.

The results?

In 5 months, they grew from 0 to 110k followers!

Pretty good, right?


When it comes to how to get followers on Instagram, using filters has been proven to increase views and likes for your photos.

In fact, filtered photos are 21% more likely to get views and 45% more likely to get commented on.

But all filters are not equal.

According to research from Hopper, the best filter for getting likes and comments (and follows) is Gingham. The Clarendon filter is your next best bet.


A word of warning: you will need to tread carefully here. But reaching out to your competitors’ audience can be a great way to gain new, targeted followers. Here’s an example.

In an unofficial experiment posted on eCommerce University, one marketer set out to determine how many of his competitor’s followers would follow him back if he engaged with them. Here were the results:

Of the people he followed,14% followed him back

Of the people he followed and liked, 22% followed him back

Of the people he followed and commented on, 34% followed him back

Seek out other brands in your niche, follow their followers and start interacting with their content on Instagram.


A branded hashtag is a hashtag that’s unique to your brand. It can be used to spread awareness of your blog, event, or product/service in a fun and unique way. For instance, you can ask your followers to share pics of them using your product.

The more people who use your hashtags, the more visibility it will get, and so the more followers you’ll get. Here at ABOH we use #blogitbossit.

Here are some good rules of thumb when creating and using your hashtag:

Make sure it’s actually unique. If you use an existing hashtag, it will defeat the whole purpose of what you’re actually trying to do

Keep it short and sweet

Be sure to monitor your hashtag and share, like, and comment on posts that use it.


This is especially important if you want to attract local followers.

When you geotag your photos, other users who have also geotagged their photos with the same location are more likely to see your posts (and potentially follow you).

It will also mean your posts show up when someone searches for that location. This gives you greater exposure and helps you build up your local follower base.


Tagging is something that should be done carefully and strategically. The last thing you want to do is spam people.

But when done right, tagging relevant users can help you create new connections and get new followers.

Some situations where you might tag users include when you:

Post a picture of someone else’s product

Attend an event where someone else is speaking or attending

Have someone else in your photo

Post something you know would be relevant or interesting to a certain person.