How to Repost on Instagram Story plus +

Reposting on Instagram is quite common yet only a few people know how to do it. It is an essential skill if you want to promote your business using Instagram. While posting your own pictures is highly encouraged, there are times when you need to post other people’s content. Don’t get me wrong. Posting other people’s pictures on Instagram is not stealing as long as you fulfil two things: you have the picture owner’s permission to repost their picture and you have properly credited the original owner in the post.

Now that I have cleared that up, let us go into the actual process of reposting. Saving an image from Instagram is forbidden. You could have tried that already and failed. Instagram has set up some mechanisms preventing photos from being stolen. In fact, their posts don’t have a report or share feature. The only share feature available on Instagram is the option to share images to Facebook and the option to share photos via direct message. There is also a tagging option but that’s about it. This goes to show how vigilant the platform is when it comes to image shares. With this, you may need to exert some extra effort just to repost some images. Don’t worry. All the processes will be covered in this article. In fact, you’ll learn 7 ways on how you can repost a picture on Instagram.

#1: Using Story Plus+ Repost in Instagram

There are several apps that you can use to repost pictures on Instagram. Here are some apps that stood out to me.

Story Plus+

The first option we want to suggest to you is Story Plus+. When you download the app from AppStore, Story Plus+ provides you with an easy introduction to repost. The app does what it promises. Open the app, type the account you want to post from and choose your favourite post. Story Plus+ will direct you to Instagram to repost it. You can edit the post before sharing it and save the profile photos of accounts at the same time. Story Plus+ allows you to pin your favourite account for the next reposts.

Repost for Instagram App

You may have been looking for ways on how to repost pictures on Instagram. If you have searched for this in Google Play Store or the App Store, you may have seen the app called Repost for Instagram. It allows you to load Instagram into its platform and allows you to share the images. Just load the image and tap the 3 grey dots on top to share. Once you have done this, you are given the post URL of that image. You can then post this into your own profile or schedule it for future posting.

#2: Reposting Through a Picture’s Share

URL. Every photo posted on Instagram has a unique Share URL. This allows you to share all of Instagram’s content on Facebook and Twitter. Now, if you want to learn how to repost photos in the Instagram platform itself, you can use this. But it will require multiple steps.

First, go to the Share URL provided by Instagram. You can go to the 3 grey dots in the upper-right corner of the image. Once you click on that, you’ll receive a notification that you have copied the share URL to your clipboard.

From here, all you need to do is paste this URL in your social media platform. I prefer Facebook. I just put the share URL in the space provided and post the image.

Once you have done that, you’ll get a preview of the post. Post it on Facebook and you now have successfully shared and credited the author upon posting.

Now if you like to post the image on Instagram, there is another step. You need to go to your Facebook post and save the image that you have just posted. Only then can you post that image on Instagram.

Again, this is another way to bypass Instagram’s wall when it comes to sharing images. But that doesn’t mean that you can freely share images as you wish. Always credit the original author of the image.

#3: Use the Embed Code of the Image

Another feature that images on Instagram have is the embed feature. This means that you can embed images from Instagram into your blog. So if your goal is to repost a picture so that you can use it on your blog, you can just head over to the embed feature straight away.

To do this, you can just click on the three grey dots on the lower right corner of the post and choose the word Embed. Then, you have the option to include the original caption of the post. You also have the option to remove it. From here, click on Copy Embed Code.

Now, pasting the embed code in your site is easy. In fact, you can post it straight away on the post area in your WordPress site. It is accepted where HTML is accepted. And if you know a bit about code editing, you can easily paste the embed code within your site. This means that you can post this code no matter what type of blogging platform you are using. It doesn’t matter if it is WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or others. As long as it accepts HTML, you can use this code.

Now how can you use this code if you plan to post the image on your Instagram profile? Well, you can go the long route of posting the image into your site and then copying the image to your Instagram page. When the image is posted in your site, you can click save image as. Then once it is saved into your system, you can upload it on Instagram.

#4: Take a Screenshot and Repost a Picture

Let me tell you a secret. Every mobile device has a way to capture their screens. This can vary depending on the model of your smartphone. For some, you may need to click home and the power button in tandem (iOS). For others, you can just click the home button with a screenshot option (Sony). Other Android phones require you to hit the volume down and power button at the same time.

NOTE: To know how to do screenshots using your smartphone, simply search for your phone’s model online along with the keywords “how to screenshot”. You’ll get the process that is tailored for your phone.

Once you find out how you can simply hover over the image that you like to repost and take a screenshot. Now, screenshots are often rectangular in shape. But you can counter this by simply uploading your picture on Instagram using the Instagram square to crop the image. From here, you can apply your own filter to the image so that it fits your feed.

Why is this option attractive? Well, this option doesn’t require you to download an app. You can just repost images on the fly and just credit the original owner in the description of the image.

#5: Downloading the Image

Another way to easily repost an image is to download it. There are some apps that will help you to do this. First, there is Story Plus+ app which allows you to download high quality photos and videos that you see on Instagram. This app instantly extracts the photo from Instagram so that you can download it. Again, you’ll need the type user's name for this to work.

Since the photo is downloaded to your system, you can now easily upload it to Instagram. Just open the app and upload the image. You can also type in your own caption. Be sure to include the Instagram account of the original author. This will keep you safe.

The same is true if you want to repost videos. Just look for an app that will allow you to download videos from Instagram and then repost it using the Instagram platform.