Online Shopping Endanger Your Bank Account?

Online shopping might feel safe however it really depends. It needs two things to be safe – a retailer who cares about customer security and smart consumers who know how to keep their data secure.

Online hacking and thefts aren’t as visible as traditional theft. You don’t get any broken windows, footprint or sound of theft. It is also rarely caught because most people usually aren’t aware that they are robbed. So, incidents of online theft, target millions of people per year. Don’t leave your shopping spree up to chance.

The University of Maryland’s Clark School recently found that that 1 in every 3 Americans has already been on the receiving end of a cyber-attack. Another news came out from

that the sting led to the arrests of 61 people who are believed to have plied their trade using 50 dark web accounts. The police also seized nearly 300 kilos of drugs, 51 firearms, and over €6.2 million (US$7 million). Two-thirds were in virtual currency, while the remainder was in cold hard cash. Besides, New study finds cybercriminal revenues hit $1.5 TRILLION annually according to hashedout.

Online Cyber Attacks


Make sure the site you’re visiting uses https. It is easy to check at the URL bar to see if it begins with https:// or not. HTTPS means that your details are covered by basic TLS encryption all the way from your browser to the site you are shopping on. It also shows that the site cares at least a bit about data security. HTTPS sites aren’t necessarily super-secure, but if the admin went through the trouble of implementing HTTPS to secure your data, you know they’ve taken at least one important step.

Secondly, make sure that you are actually the site you’re shopping. Hackers and scammers sometimes redirect you to the wrong online store as we discussed it as DNS Hijacking-check out more.

Public Wi-Fi


Explaining public Wi-Fi is really easy to predict in my opinion because public places are always open for everyone like hackers. That’s why you are actually not under protection. When you connect to the public Wi-Fi, you must have a VPN if you care about your security because this is an absolutely perfect place for scammers and hackers to do their job. Thus, try to avoid using a public network and if you really NEED it, use it with Soft VPN.

Breaking News


Marketers love to use URL shorteners. The reason is that they can write their content in a short and effective way and they also can track how many people click it. shorteners allow you to have a short code address which you can click and go to the site you want to. On the other hand, hackers and scammers also love this way. When you click a website, there’s a possible result that you might access to scammers’ or hackers’ site which looks so familiar to you. Thus, try not to use URL shorteners, if you click them, check out the URL bar that is the site actually you wanted to access.

Bank Account


Another important thing to check would be purchases you didn’t make. If you use a banking App, turn on push notifications to track the payments you make or call your bank to see what other notification options they might let you have. This will be super helpful you spot purchases you know you didn’t make. When you see one, contact your bank to contest the charge and shut down the card. That will make the leaked information useless in the hacker’s hands.

Make sure to keep track of the costs of your purchases. Legitimate businesses might overstate their discounts or add hidden fees that you will be charged once your purchase is complete. By tracking your purchases, you can contest any fees that you think are dishonest.

Cyber Network


Try to use virtual credit cards for online shopping. A virtual credit card is exactly what it sounds like. It is a basic digital card that you can only use online. You set a credit from your bank or its App, then you use it according to what you really shop. Your actual account won’t be in a danger even your virtual card has been hacked. It also benefits your budget that you will only spend what you set